The twitter bot was a nasty accomplice to the novel Coronavirus rumor

The US also has a cyber army and 1450?
According to a study commissioned by the Responsible Technology Centre at the Australian Research Institute, A Trump supporter, a Pro-Trump QAnon or a Republican robot account was more likely than any other to tweet about a novel Coronavirus origin hoax.

In the end of march this year, when will be coronavirus in the United States and most other parts of the world spread, Queensland university of technology, the two researchers Timothy Graham (Timothy Graham) and Axel van buren (Axel Bruns) in 10 days of research process, from the article 2.6 million and will be associated coronavirus tweets, and analyzes these original tweets are forwarded after 25.5 million tweets.

They filtered out legitimate accounts from those most likely to be robots and identified them as robots when they reforwarded a similar text related to a novel Coronavirus within 1 second.
Using this approach, the researchers found 5,752 accounts that similarly forwarded the novel Coronavirus related content 6,559 times, identifying 10 major networks of robotics programs.
Unlike networks of bots promoting commercial websites by promoting hot topics such as coronavirus, they try to promote political issues.

The researchers found that these robot accounts were linked to the promotion of the conspiracy theory that “Novel Coronavirus is a biological weapon developed in China”.
They also found 4,125 links between 2,903 of the accounts in a forwarding (fake) network.
In the network, researchers found 28 to 30 user groups that identified themselves as associated with Trump supporters, Republicans or anonymous Q, a pro-Trump organization.

According to the study, over a 10-day period, 882 tweets started with conspiracy theories about biological weapons, were retweeted 18,498 times, thumb up 3,783 times, and were viewed around 5 million times on twitter.

The researchers say the purpose of these networks of bots is to spread rumors.

“Whether these we observed, the promotion of biological weapons conspiracy theories is by these participants carefully planned water-forces, or planning to use these water army by external personnel views and comments, they reach the effect of public opinion is the same: to let these lies driven theme is wider, not accepted by the mainstream group attaches great importance to the edge of the crowd, amplifying the authenticity of these rumors.”
“The study said.

“The errors and misinformation contained in the original messages are no longer promoted solely by bots and other related accounts, but are promoted and forwarded on a larger scale by ordinary real human users,” the report said.

Researchers say that when there are large Numbers of followers on media or social software who engage in conspiracy theories, disinformation can easily attract widespread public attention, even if there are refuting facts.
“Conspiracy theorists can distort and use official denials and debunks to claim that the authorities are covering up the ‘truth of the matter’.
These sites may characterize conspiracies as absurd or ridiculous content, but [rumors] are often spread without correction or fact-checking, exposing large audiences to false information they would not otherwise encounter.”

US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order seeking to hold social media sites accountable for what their users post on the platform in retaliation for Twitter’s verification of his “mail vote” tweets with fake information.

Peter Lewis, director of the Responsible Technology Center, said it was a good start for Twitter’s fact-checking of Trump tweets, but that more sanctions on the network of bot accounts were needed to stop the spread of fake information.

While the study focused on Twitter, the authors note that similar robot activity is not limited to Twitter and has been observed on other platforms such as Facebook.