Novel Coronavirus Variants Found in Newborns in Sweden

A pregnant woman in Malmo, Sweden, was diagnosed with a novel coronavirus mutation in her newborn a few days after delivery.

A pregnant woman in Malmo was rushed to hospital after suffering severe abdominal pain, Australian news website The Conversation reported on Monday.
After the doctor’s examination, he found that the fetus in his body had hypoxia symptoms, so he carried out an emergency caesarean section operation, and at the same time conducted a novel coronavirus test.
Both maternal and neonatal tests were positive.
Genome sequencing showed that the newborns were infected before birth with the same virus as their mothers.

But just a few days later, new genome sequencing revealed a change in the population of the virus in the babies, containing both the original version from the mother and a new mutation called A107G.
According to experts speculate that the virus mutation may be born after the newborn contact with the outside world.

Dr Mehreen Zaigham, a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology at Lund University Hospital, said: “This is the first case of a mutation of the virus in a special case of prenatal mother-to-child transmission.”

The mother has been released from the hospital, but the newborn still needs additional care.
In addition, the infected infants did not develop severe symptoms and had developed antibodies against the new virus variant, but the same antibodies were not found in their mothers’ breast milk.